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Archive for September 2017

Who’s My Partner?

As a Property Manager in Pasadena and surrounding communities I am the agent for rental property owners. I have a fiduciary responsibility to place their interests above my own. So what role do tenants play in my business since I am not representing them and am not their agent? Some owners see tenants as adversaries…

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Who’s Using All the Water?

If you recently got a big increase in your property’s water bill, time to be a detective as multiple factors are in play. Are there unauthorized occupants? Anybody operating a business on the premises such as: car wash, hair salon, etc.? Are there broken sprinkler pipes or heads? Ask your gardening service to check. Your…

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What’s In a Name?

Ever wonder how pharmaceutical companies and car manufacturers come up with names for new products? They spend megabucks on companies that specialize in branding. When I was ready to launch my company, I checked my budget to see what was allocated for branding and discovered that coffer was empty. But thanks to social media I…

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How Much Do You Charge?

That is often the first question a potential client will ask when I answer the phone. It is a fair question and of course an investor needs to know how my services will impact his bottom line. My simplest response is I offer a range of services and prices depending on your needs. But there’s…

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