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Archive for November 2017

Can Fifi or Fido Move in Too?

In the Southern California areas of Pasadena, Eagle Rock and Glendale where I provide Property Management most owners that I talk to say absolutely no pets in their rental properties. One exception is rental property in West Hollywood as there are more pets than kids in that city and if you don’t accept pets your…

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Are Home Warranties a Good Idea in Rental Properties?

You might be concerned about repair costs in a rental property and it seems as though a home warranty would be a good way to prevent high repair bills. When I am involved in a sales transaction I always recommend a home warranty as it gives both buyers and sellers peace of mind. If the…

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When D.I.Y. Costs More

Are you thinking of hiring a property manager in the Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Glendale area? Are you already managing your own rental property yourself? You might already have long term tenants who pay on time and you ask yourself why should I pay someone to take in the rents and send me the money? It’s…

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