What’s In a Name?

Ever wonder how pharmaceutical companies and car manufacturers come up with names for new products?

They spend megabucks on companies that specialize in branding.

When I was ready to launch my company, I checked my budget to see what was allocated for branding and discovered that coffer was empty.

But thanks to social media I had some options. I brainstormed a list of possible names and put up a survey monkey on my Facebook page and that gave me some valuable feedback. For free! I knew I didn’t want a name that had my name in the title and didn’t want a name that would limit me geographically. Why not think big, right?

My first choice, Stellar, was already taken. I thought there were some cool things I could do with a logo (stars, get it) and I could channel Marlon Brando when answering the phone: “Stell-a-a-a-a-r, may I help you?” But some earlier bird had already snatched that worm.

I chose Designation Property Management as my name because that’s how I differentiate myself from the competition. I belong to two professional associations specific to the property management industry, www.narpm.org and www.caanet.org. I’ve earned the RMP designation from NARPM and will soon earn the CCRM designation from the California Apartment Association. Education and training for real estate agents and brokers focuses primarily on sales, not property management and I have found the education and resources available through these industry specific groups to be invaluable.

I stay current on industry trends and new laws and regulations to protect my clients’ investments.