Can Fifi or Fido Move in Too?

In the Southern California areas of Pasadena, Eagle Rock and Glendale where I provide Property Management most owners that I talk to say absolutely no pets in their rental properties. One exception is rental property in West Hollywood as there are more pets than kids in that city and if you don’t accept pets your vacancies will be slow to fill.

Yes, pets can sometimes damage property but there are also many responsible pet owners who have difficulty in finding a well-maintained property that will accept a pet.

I have a solution that will be attractive to both owners and tenants. If an owner decides to accept a pet I advise limiting the number and size of the pet, increasing the security deposit (not a separate pet deposit), asking for proof of spaying or neutering and up to date vaccinations, meeting the pet in person to see if there are temperament issues, contacting previous landlords to inquire about behavior or damage issues and adding a lease addendum referencing pet and pet owner rules.

So far so good, all normal and expected. Here’s the extra twist: inform pet owners that the property will have a twice-yearly pet inspection by the property management company, at the tenants’ expense, to confirm that there is no violation of the lease agreement. Tenants will gladly pay the inspection cost for the opportunity to rent a quality property and owners are happy that their investment will be monitored at no additional cost to them.