Do I Qualify?

You’ve found a place you love and can picture all your stuff in it. Now it’s time to turn in your application. What are your chances of being accepted?

We look at 3 main things: how’s your credit, how’s your income and what does your current and possibly former landlord say about you?

If you have current late payments on your credit report, an eviction or an undischarged bankruptcy many landlords will not accept you.

We will ask for proof of income and we require your income to be 3x the rent. If you receive paychecks we will ask for paystubs and if you are self employed we will ask for bank statements and tax returns. If your financials are less than stellar, what can you do? Some landlords will accept co-signers if your income is short although most will not accept co-signers if you have credit issues.

Another option you may be offered is a higher deposit if you are a higher risk. If you have extenuating circumstances like being a victim of identity theft disclose that upfront.

We will contact your current landlord and ask if you paid on time and took care of the property. Remember as the owner or agents for owners we want to know that you will provide us with regular income and take care of our property.