It’s Vanilla and I’m More Tutti Frutti

You’ve moved in and you’re staring at the four walls which are just looking …so…white. Your landlord has said no painting allowed. How can you feather your nest and express your personality while staying within the parameters of your rental agreement?

Area rugs are a good solution for floor coverings. Check the garden department as well as many floor coverings intended for patios and decks are inexpensive choices for interior spaces as well.

Wall decals are widely available both in stores and on line. They can mimic chandeliers, a lush tropical garden, birdcages or even blackboards. No damage to the walls and you can take them with you when you move.

If all your windows have mini blinds or vertical blinds hang some curtains for more personality. If you sew, great, if not if you can iron you can use fusible web to hem yardage. If you don’t need curtains for privacy or insulation you can just knot and drape a length of fabric over a curtain rod—no sewing or ironing skills needed!

Most rental units have very utilitarian light fixtures. My personal favorite (not!) is the ubiquitous big box ceiling light that looks like part of the female anatomy.

Change them out for something more exciting and change them back when vacating.

Changing handles on kitchen and bath cabinetry can instantly upgrade your home. Just be sure to save the original hardware and reinstall upon move out. Check Pottery Barn for inspiration and then go visit Target or Ikea for a more budget friendly version.

These are all simple changes that will make your unit feel like you and will keep you in compliance with your rental agreement. Win win!