Who’s My Partner?

As a Property Manager in Pasadena and surrounding communities I am the agent for rental property owners. I have a fiduciary responsibility to place their interests above my own.

So what role do tenants play in my business since I am not representing them and am not their agent?

Some owners see tenants as adversaries and every interaction is about who won and who lost.

That thinking is flawed. Ask yourself do you want someone who views you as the enemy having legal possession of one of your most valuable assets?

A tenant who pays on time, maintains your property and keeps you apprised of any repair issues is invaluable.

Some owners are the other extreme and don’t treat their rental properties as a business. I had a client make an offer on a building with a rent controlled tenant in place for 10 years who had never had an increase so that thinking is also flawed.

As a Property Manager I bring balance to my owners and show them that well qualified responsible tenants protect their investments but also help them take the emotion out of interaction with tenants so that they can make sound business decisions.